White Sheep Technology

We take interests in interesting companies.

White Sheep is one brand and one system in which customers, patients, users, practitioners, and investors can delegate their trust. We are among the founding individuals who in 2013 designed & executed a system to provide safe supply for the growing medical cannabis market in Canada. We delivered the highest standards as we invented industry norms and best practices. Our compliance protocols have evolved the regulations that are paving the way for legalization for everyone.

White Sheep companies include those that cultivate, produce, extract, package and distribute cannabis and cannabis accessories – for medicinal and/or adult-use consumers. Our experience has allowed us to witness some of the best (and more of the worst) companies and the myriad quality of goods & services being offered. We have proven efficient models to grow safe pure product without mold, mites or mildew. Vetting risk, and looking for high IP value, we have identified several companies who are leaders and the best at what they do.

Cultivation, Extraction & Processing

White Sheep is currently preparing for its own grow operations, assembling a high-performance professional team including compliance, operations, facility management, grow and processing. We will use our experience and expertise to capitalize, in the near term, on the demand / supply imbalance, while developing and securing high quality inputs for various downstream activities.

North America: White Sheep has minority interest in a cultivation application in Quebec and has investments in leading cannabis companies in Canada and the USA.

Australia: White Sheep is currently leading the commissioning and constructing of the world’s biggest purpose-built cannabis facility, a 4.3-million square-foot automated, robotic, cultivation and production facility in Australia.

Africa: White Sheep is building a 500,000 square foot state of the art facility which will generate about 62,500 kgs of production in Lesotho. White Sheep has majority interest in a vertically integrated production license (pending) in Eswatini (Swaziland) subject to implementation of the country’s medical cannabis regulatory regime.  When completed the facility will be 3.5-million square feet and able to produce 437,500 kgs of flower.

South America: Coming soon

Europe: Coming soon

Ancillary Businesses

Beyond grow facilities and leaf touching operations, the cannabis industry requires inventory control, security, banking, payroll, insurance, security, software, delivery, regulation, and staffing just like every other business ecosystem. It also has many ancillary business opportunities with valuable intellectual property in software, accessories, delivery mechanisms, alternative products, and countless other great business ideas.

Altopa, Inc., based in Raleigh NC, develops countertop delivery devices for mixing and dispensing botanical oils to create botanical oil blends for on-demand and single-use consumption. The Oblend is a home dispenser that creates your own personal mix for vapes, tinctures, culinary oils, massage oils, balms, capsules, drinks, and vitamins from legal herbal extracts and essential oils. And that’s just the beginning. Your body. Your blend. Oblend.

The #1 choice for licensed producers in Canada, Ample Organics is a comprehensive business platform designed for the cannabis industry, one software solution with tracking, reporting, data, sales, support and security functions. Ample’s cannabis-centric retail solution leverages industry standard point of sale hardware.

Cannabis Big Data (CBD) provides turn-key business intelligence dashboards, reports & insights for dispensaries, grows, MIPs and investors. CBD integrates with your data sources (POS, Seed to Sale, Accounting, etc.) then publish critical business management reports to identify areas where you can save on costs or earn more revenue.

Biomedican is a research and development cannabis biotech firm based in the Bay Area that is led by an experienced entrepreneur with bioinformatics start-up and commercialization experience.  The company is involved in the development and commercialization of proprietary intellectual property that will be disruptive across the entire cannabis value chain.  Biomedican has marshaled experts across the globe, leaders in their respective fields, to ensure the speed and success of these efforts.

"We feel very fortunate to have White Sheep as an investor in Altopa and Oblend. They understood our business model immediately and have since been very supportive. Even though they’ve only been investors for six months, we’ve already received a wealth of knowledge and support in the financial and marketing areas and look forward to a continued partnership in the future."

Nicole Wicker, CFO, Altopa

"After pitching more than 20 different investors, our team at Cannabis Big Data found that White Sheep was easily the most professional & diligent partner throughout the process. Their communications were clear, direct, and to-the-point saving both sides time & energy. I'm deeply grateful to the team and looking forward to a successful and lucrative collaboration together."

Henry Finkelstein, Cannabis Big Data