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Days Between Cultivation and Sales Licenses

A real-time table of ACMPR licensees and applicants detailing the length of time required to progress from a cultivation license to a sales license.  Companies that are “sale only” (where there has been no graduation from cultivation, or where the license location is a packaging or non-cultivation facility) are NOT included.

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ACMPR License Map

A map of Canada with each location for ACMPR licensees with permission to sell dried cannabis products.  This list does not include companies that have “sales-only” or production only licenses.  IN some cases, the actual location of the cultivation/processing facility is not known, and the centre of the nearby town is mapped.  If the company wishes to update the location with a precise address in these cases, please contact White Sheep Corp.

ACMPR licensees Locations

The Pharmaceutical Opportunity for Cannabinoids

Because of their ability to interact with our endocannabinoid system, cannabinoids are increasingly being shown to benefit those suffering from any of a broad range of conditions and diseases.  Research will continue to uncover more healing properties of cannabinoids and their medical applications will expand.  However the current research already demonstrates a vast potential market for cannabinoid based pharmaceuticals.

Cannibinoids and disease