White Sheep Corp. is building a global footprint of low cost, high-quality, large scale, cGMP cannabis production. We are seeking to become the preferred brand and supplier of choice in the biggest cannabis markets in the world.

  • Increasing deficit of global supply and growing issues of quality from new industries and jurisdictions
  • Deep management success, expertise and experience in cannabis and international markets.
  • Global, scaled, development-ready production footprint.
  • Extensive and deep experience in Africa – plus exceptional local partners – substantively reduces risk and accelerates payback.
  • Significant global growth pipeline.

A comprehensive approach.


Cultivating medical grade cannabis at scale is not easy.  The White Sheep operations team are pioneers in the industry and are among the most experienced.


We have established international partnerships to secure early access to the largest medicinal cannabis markets in the world.


Technology and innovation will be key to seizing the cannabinoid opportunity.  White Sheep is involved with several R&D initiatives that are potentially disruptive to our industry.