At the heart of our strategy is the establishment of high-efficiency cannabis grow facilities in regions that offer low product input costs, favourable climates, political stability, and the capacity for wholesale exports to high-margin markets. White Sheep’s leadership and Operations teams have proven track records in designing, building, and operating, fully compliant cannabis facilities to provide patients a consistent and safe supply of cannibinoids.

Cultivation, Extraction & Processing

White Sheep core assets include operating licenses and land in jurisdictions which are ideally suited for the commercial cultivation of medicinal cannabis.  These proprietary facilities will be among the largest in the World and will provide legal markets globally, a large scale source of high quality cannibinoids.


White Sheep owns land and a vertically integrated license to cultivate cannabis and produce cannabinoid rich oils in Lesotho, Africa.  The project is shovel-ready and once completed will span 1,000,000 sq.ft and produce approx 125,000 kgs of medicinal cannabis.  White Sheep also has majority interest in a vertically integrated production license (pending) in Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), subject to implementation of the country’s medical cannabis regulatory regime. This facility will be 3.5-million square feet and able to produce 437,500 kgs of medicinal cannabis.

Operating Agreements

White Sheep’s Operations team is coveted around the world and is currently engaged in two operating agreements.  White Sheep is engaged to design, build, and operate facilities for clients, and granted partial ownership of the asset and access to the local medical cannabis markets for White Sheep’s proprietary cannabis products.

North America:

White Sheep has entered into an operating agreement for a facility in Trois-Rivieres, QC.  The facility will be a 50,000 sq.ft. indoor cultivation and processing site.


White Sheep is currently leading the commissioning and construction of the world’s largest purpose-built cannabis facility, a 4.3-million square-foot automated, robotic, cultivation and production facility in Queensland, Australia.


White Sheep recognizes that investments must be made into technology and innovation to attain and maintain the lead position as the global cannibinoid supplier of choice.  As such, we have made several investments in promising areas that may result in industry disrupting technologies.

Biomedican is a biotech firm based in the Bay Area that is concerned with the biosynthetic creation of cannabinoids using yeast instead of plants.  The team is led by an experienced entrepreneur, with a PhD in molecular biology, who had a successful exit from his bioinformatics start-up.  Biomedican has created a novel approach to the biosynthesis of cannabinoids and has marshaled experts across the globe, leaders in their respective fields, to ensure the speed and success of these efforts.

Ancillary Investments

White Sheep also holds ancillary investments in non-plant touching ventures.

Altopa, Inc., based in Raleigh NC, is commercializing a countertop delivery device for compounding and dispensing botanical oils at pharmaceutical level accuracy, on-demand, for accurate and consistent dosing and effect.

The #1 choice for licensed producers in Canada, Ample Organics is a comprehensive business platform designed for the cannabis industry, one software solution with tracking, reporting, data, sales, support and security functions. Ample’s cannabis-centric retail solution leverages industry standard point of sale hardware.

Cannabis Big Data (CBD) provides turn-key business intelligence dashboards, reports & insights for dispensaries, grows, MIPs and investors. CBD integrates with your data sources (POS, Seed to Sale, Accounting, etc.) then publish critical business management reports to identify areas where you can save on costs or earn more revenue.