Cannabinoids (e.g. THC, CBD) are a class of chemical compounds with vast and expanding pharmaceutical, therapeutic, and adult-use applications that are facing an unprecedented surge in global demand. The industry continues to launch new cannabinoid products to treat a wide variety of conditions and symptoms using oils, creams, lotions, and edibles.

New Cannabinoid Product Categories


Cannabinoids were named after their ability to interact with our endocannabinoid system.  It is likely that because of this, that the evidence and research continues to mount, on the efficacy of using cannabinoids to treat all manner of conditions and diseases.  Pharmaceutical applications will be one of the largest opportunities for cannibinoids in the near future.

Natural Health Products

Natural health and wellness products are increasingly featuring CBD and will certainly feature other (non-psycoactive) cannabinoids as we begin to understand them.  NHPs also present a path to market that has lower regulatory barriers than pharmaceuticals.


Beauty and personal care are two markets set for tremendous growth in terms of their use of cannabinoids.  Among the beneficial properties of cannabinoids are antioxidant, antiviral and antibacterial properties which can be added to cosmetics and cosmeceuticals to address a range of skin issues, from cold sores to acne and psoriasis or eczema.

Animal Wellness

Pets and animals also have endocannabinoid systems and so can also benefit from the health and medicinal benefits of cannabinoids.  Products have already begun to emerge and given the its size, the Pet and Animal Wellness industry  will be a major consumer of cannabinoids.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Mass market adoption of cannabinoids in CPG products is an inevitability.  Food and beverage are fantastic platforms for cannabinoid consumption and CPG industry leaders are actively investigating how to invigorate their brands with the functionality of cannabinoids.